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Websites, the blogsphere, controversial books and the tabloid media love Mars.

They tell of the Face on Mars, Cydonia, anomalistic rock formations, spacecraft conspiracies and a coverup to hide 'the truth' about Mars.

With half a dozen spacecraft on or around Mars, data is streaming back at an unprecedented rate, adding new layers of detail to our understanding of the Red Planet.

Doug Ellison takes you on a tour of the more popular conspiracies and fringe theories, and presents the raw data that tells us the 'Truth about Mars'.

Doug Ellison is a Multimedia Producer.
He started a forum to share and compare techniques and ideas of rover image processing which turned into Unmannedspaceflight.com. He has given many lectures to schools, local astronomy societies, and the British Astronomical Association about the rovers and other Mars missions, and he produces Rover Audio Updates with Jim Bell for The Planetary Society.

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Official Website: http://skepticsinthepub.org/leicester

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