313 Bowery
New York City, New York

The Dollhaus Art Gallery presents:
The Terrible Toy Fair II

The Dollhaus Art gallery has been open for almost two years now. The Terrible Toy Fair I was held at The Dollhaus Art gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn February 2003. Due to it?s success and growing interest we have been invited to a bigger space and central location in Manhattan,
Cbgb?s Art Gallery.
The idea is simple: all pieces shown must be a toy of some kind, either, modified or wholly created by the artist. The group show will consist of over a hundred artists; some local and some from New Orleans, California and other parts of the world.
Incorporated into the show is the art of high school students who were inspired by The Dollhaus and created a project based around it.
We invited the same high school art teacher to participate again with her new students.
The idea of a toy-based show is a continuation of the theme of The Dollhaus. The artists shown have all been highly bizarre yet have retained a child like sense of playfulness in their work. The work at The Dollhaus is well executed and skillful, always valuing technique as much as concept. As well as the work in the gallery, The Dollhaus has a unique permanent collection constantly rotating ?Madame Dollhaus and her Creepy Toy Shop? which is full of curious toys, dolls and other hand made oddities.

For more information please contact the director:
[email protected]


Introducing The Dollhaus Artists:

Emma Louise
Mary Doyle
The Holy Graber
Artur Arbit
The Empire Restoration Project
Chris Klapper
Miwa Yagi
Cynthia Von Buhler
Miss Poizen
Peter Gunn (All Dollhaus music)

Kristina Kozak, Charles Burns, Mighty Robot, Velocity Chyaldd, Anthoy Zito, Rasp Thorne, Daniel Kelly, Cathleen Grado, Karen Shelton, Scareifina, Iggy, Ali Gallagher, Jessica Grindstaff, Lynne Marie, Rocket, Kim Monjoy, Tim Kelly, Sarah Hauser, P5, Vince Packard, Charles Burns, Jennifer Ryan, Patrick Spaceman, Boobs, Whitney Ward, Kembra, LissSa, Joze Macek, Soigne, Hiroshi Miyazi, Emily Keyishian, Patrick O?Reilly, Marc Le Mad, Yana Filkovsky, Jenny Gonzalez, Tamara Wyndham, Eric Indin, Richard Tazzara, Zehavit Carmel, Frank Russo, Janine Murphy,Rachel K Berger, Kamala Sankaram, Halona Hilbertz, Loli Cheung, Robert Anthony, Evil Lucy, Liz McGarrity, Katherine Streeter, Porkfolio, ?D?, Rachel Berger, Halona Donn, Sara Lanzillotta, Jennifer Ryan, Robert Hardin, Stephen Auslender, Dana De Kuyper, Chanda Hopkins, Laura Kaplan, Uma Sankaram, Jorden Haley, Matt Versteeg, Tibbie X, Amber Tyler, Bibianna, Boobs, John John Jesse, Gecko Saccomanno, Remi Vicious, Eric Sanko.

Kerri Quick with Griffin Pero and her high school students.

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