628 Divisadero Street
San Francisco, California 94117

The Sword
Black Cobra
BISON b.c.

Showtime: 9:00 PM (Doors: 8:00 PM)
Ticket price: $16
Tickets available on-line at: slimstickets.com, Tickets.com
All Ages 6 and Over

The Sword is the soul of the warrior. Therefore, when the warrior is the subject, the sword inevitably comes with him. The Sword is a colossal, high-energy powerhouse. Utilizing a potent combination of intense songwriting chemistry, eye-opening creativity and talent and a distinctly unique vision, The Sword is, without question, one of heavy music's most electrifying new bands. Inspired by such legendary names as Sleep, Slayer and The Melvins, this Austin-based band's live shows quickly became the hottest ticket in town, as their punishing, yet melodious compositions, mythical imagery and conscious effort to slowly immobilize audiences left music fans astonished while word about the band continued to flourish and grow. Less than a year after their formation, The Sword became known as "Austin's most dangerous band." The band was soon sharing the stage with everyone from Mastodon to Jucifer to ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead and stunning thousands of new devotees across the country.

With its newly unleashed sophomore album, "Gods of the Earth," freshly laid to tape, The Sword prepares to build upon the foundation it laid with its critically acclaimed debut "Age of Winters" and continues to lead modern day metal's forward charge with its earth-shaking ability to rock.

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