200 Longcao Rd, #100 1F
Shanghai, Shanghai

Acid electronic & Progressiv Rock: The Swamp!!

Time: 20:00, May 12th, 2006
Venue: YuYinTang, 1st floor No.100 Lane.200 Long Cao Rd, 6436 0072
Ticket: 30rmb; Yuyintang member: 25rmb

"Holy Smoke! They've made a decision to sail again and bring freshing feeling to those who have been expecting and not, and to those who live inside music or outside.

The Swamp is a famous Chinese independent band. The core style of their music is acid electronic, twisting progressive rock, post-rock and modern electronic style. It thus induces complex feelings, either exquisite or upsurge, extends infinite tension with sentimental feeling. You may find their lyrics meaningful, projecting a beautiful but murk poetic world.

In slothful sothern Sring, The Swamp's new EP-"The drifting heart" is blossoming!! On May 3 in Beijing Hai Ding Park, the Swamp will be singing again in MIDI Festival!"


Official Website: http://www.yuyintang.com/module.php?act=yg&do=showd&id=90

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