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What is a ScrumFest?

Well since you asked…

A ScrumFest is an affordable fun filled celebration of Scrum (the agile framework ~ not the rugby formation!).

It is a regional event that brings together the most passionate Scrum practitioners in the area and those new to Scrum and encourages them to share and learn through intense collaboration activities including OpenSpace, lightning talks, dynamic panel discussions, simulations and agile games, roleplay and improvisations. All in a day and a half.

Basically it is an excuse to get a great bunch of people who do Scrum together to talk about their experiences, share their successes and get help in improving their practice through various facilitated activities. Of course there would be some drinking, networking and catching up too.

So, sign up and join us for a really exciting ScrumFest!

Is it an official Scrum Alliance event?


A ScrumFest is community run and entirely funded by modest registration fees and some sponsorship from other non-profit agile organisations (such as XPDay, Agile Coaches Gathering and on occasion, the Scrum Alliance). The ScrumFest is entirely non-profit and any surplus revenue will go towards future events or sponsoring other non-profit agile events (they scratch our back, we scratch theirs :).

By not being a Scrum Alliance official event (like a gathering), we don’t charge as much and we get complete freedom to put together and event that really delivers value. Because of the Scrum Alliance community support, we do have the opportunity to get both presenter and financial support for the ScrumFest.

Ok, so who is running the show?

The organisers of a ScrumFest come from the region in which it is being run. We are effectively a Scrum team for the event and are assembled from volunteers in the community. We are all active Scrum practioners (trainers, Scrum Masters, coaches etc) so this is really a unique event run by Scrum professionals for Scrum professionals.

Official Website: http://www.scrumfest.org/

Added by Oliver.N.White on July 3, 2009