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With over 42 years in show business, the Smothers Brothers are saluted as comic geniuses and time-honored legends whose career has surpassed all other comedy teams in history. Their first professional appearance was at The Purple Onion in San Francisco in 1959, and from 1967-1969, they hosted their own prime-time comedy hour. Steve Martin and Rob Reiner got their start as writers on The Smothers Brothers show and there, Martin got the opportunity to try stand-up. Guests included legends such as Jack Benny and Milton Berle, but the show broke new ground appealing to the hip counterculture by featuring rock groups such as The Who, The Doors and George Harrison. Tom and Dick made us laugh while challenging us to think about what was happening in the world. They took a stand against censorship, and their social and political commentary eventually got them fired from CBS. The Museum of Broadcasting in New York has produced a retrospective and seminar on their work. The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour is now studied in universities across the country as an important factor in the revolutionary changes of the U.S. during the ‘60s. They’ve had 12 top-selling albums and continue to tour coast-to-coast. Get ready for big laughs tonight with Tom and Dick, the Smothers Brothers!

Why did all these people bring yo-yos? This is a Smothers Brothers concert! These new and renewed yo-yo enthusiasts have come to see their spiritual leader of Yo. Their leader, the Yo-Yo Man, embodies a phenomena that has captured the imagination and hearts of audiences everywhere. His appeal is direct and simple: pure unadulterated fun. Indeed, his whimsical touch has even been known to transform grandparents into children. On stage, the Yo-Yo Man begins his tricks with a trademark dance-like step that signals he’s in a “State of Yo” and ready to proceed. With each successive trick, the spirits rise until the crowd can no longer contain itself and contagiously fills the air with shouts of “Yo!” Remarkably, the Yo-Yo Man achieves all this without ever uttering a word. Dick (the Voice of Yo) authoritatively speaks for him as he explains, “When you’re fully Yo from head to toe, you’re online with the world.”
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Tickets: $35/45/59/75
Tickets available at www.cityboxoffice.com and the Fox Theatre Box Office: 2223 Broadway, Redwood City, CA 94063
Ticket purchase and info number is 650-369-4119

Official Website: http://www.foxdream.com/foxdream/shopexd.asp?id=1371&bc=no

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