FACT, 88 Wood Street
Liverpool, England L14DQ

As this is European Neighbours day, tenantspin will be inviting Pool Projects down to the gallery to talk us through they most recent project, The Settlement. The project asks the questions:
What support systems do we need to reconnect with our city and its spaces?
Do public consultation processes work?
What are the best uses for the unused public spaces in our city?
What do you want to do with land near you?
Can you take responsibility for it?
How can you find out?
Would you need support?
Do we have the right to open spaces today?
Who is the biggest landowner today?
Do I have to ask to run a street party?
Can I stop the traffic in my street?
How can we sell what we grow?
How can large organisations be encouraged to buy local?

And has been collecting peoples responses now for 3 months which they will share with us in this as well as discussing the use of this data.

Official Website: http://www.tenantspin.org

Added by tenantspin on April 24, 2009