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Outsourcing has become par for the course in business and increasingly in government intelligence gathering as well. In recent years, intelligence contracting has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, with privatization often blurring the lines between public and private sectors. Examples of private contractors can be found in places like Abu Ghraib, and in American intelligence centers throughout the world. Similarly, former high-ranking national security officials can be found in various consulting roles throughout the private sector intelligence industry. Yet, the size, scope, and influence of this intelligence outsourcing has been largely unexamined, and sometimes at odds with congressional oversight and public accountability. Join the Council for a conversation with investigative journalist Tim Shorrock as he discusses this topic in depth in his new book, Spies for Hire.

Speaker: Tim Shorrock, Investigative Journalist

Free/$5/$15. See registration page for details.

Official Website: http://www.itsyourworld.org/assnfe/ev.asp?ID=2271

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