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I notice with most all of my new clients that they totally skip what I think is the most important step in their business. It's major. People go from idea to selling and totally skip this critical step.

If you don't know your target market you can't tailor your marketing to them. You won't be able to know what to say and where to go to market.

I plan to give a presentation on what I believe is the missing link in figuring our your target market. And then I'll open it up to a discussion.

Please join us if you're new to business and looking forward ideas and solutions that really work. We're looking for experienced members as well that want to bring their knowledge and learn some new things as well.

We'll start the discussion with brief introductions of everybody. Then go into the presentation and then have a round table discussion. Everyone will benefit by learning from the experience of all the members. It's an inclusive group, everyone is welcome to come.

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