18th Street and Dolores Street
San Francisco, California

====Flickrs Unite!====
====PHOTO SOCIAL======
====BYO Picnic======

Flickr's Invisible Cirkus is coming to town and hosting a photo social/meetup in the Mission on Sunday August 22, 2010 @ 3pm.

**come earlier if you want to picnic... BYO

We will meet, greet, hug, chat, shoot, frolic!

***For those interested in a photo stroll, i will lead one out from the park at around 4:30-5pmpm.

if we are having fun in the park, we can stick around and just enjoy each others company.

Happy Hour will follow at the days end.
Good Food and Good Cheer @ the Phoenix, 811 valenica

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Added by Invisible Cirkus on May 21, 2010



I am sooooooo IN!


Sounds awesome.


Definitively plan to be there.

Matt Granz

Sounds like fun!

Invisible Cirkus

i am looking forward to flickrs uniting for this event!!!!! some of you i have been wanting to meet and some i cant wait to see again..... come one, come all... <3<3<3

Michael H. Wilbur

Am using this as an excuse to visit SF again - can't wait to join the circus!


Can't believe I'm going to miss this. Out of town for a family wedding that weekend. Dang it! Please keep me in the loop for future opportunities...

favourite waste of time

I will be there for sure with bells on -- am most depressed that I missed you in Florida but this will be better. I will get to see SF too - haven't been there in years. I claim a bunny shot :-) hugs!!!


I will be there! I live less than 2 hours from San Francisco. I have been waiting for something like this for the past couple of years!! I would also attend the world wide photo walk on July 24th, except that I'll be on a transatlantic flight from Italy that day!! &*$#^!*

Sarah Ann81

I'll be there!!! I can't wait to finally meet you and everyone else! I'll bring my bunny and clown mask :)



It does sound awesome... I might even learn something... ; ~ )

Lynn P

I'll be coming from the East Bay via Paratransit. Does anyone have a rough idea of what--and where--I should specify as a pick-up time/place? Really looking forward to it.



Invisible Cirkus

@ Lynn P - the meetup will begin at 3pm in Dolores Park off 18th. Mission/16th bart will get you there!
Other than that its pretty open with the evening ending at a bar for some good food and good cheer! come as you are and stay as long as you want!

30 days till this meetup - im excited to reconnect with SF bay flickrs and meet new ones!!!


sounds like fun, i'll be there toooo.

Invisible Cirkus

spread the word! Flickr goodies for those who attend. first come first serve! pins, stickers, etc....!

Invisible Cirkus

Happy Hour @ the Phoenix, 811 valenica after meetup.


That fits in just perfect... Thanks J.Brooks for sharing this!!

Invisible Cirkus

******Will it be possible to get a portrait of every flickr in the park>???*****

Ill trade portraits for flickr pins/stickers... hee hee


Just curious to know if it's fairly safe to wander around the area as the Mission District's been on the news lately with gang shootings and stuff.
Here's one: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2010/08/15/BAPF1EUDCH.DTL

Invisible Cirkus

@iseepix Our meetup and stroll will be during daylight hours and considering we are quite a few people, i wouldnt be concerned as we have plenty of people to travel with. Safety in numbers! If you are at all worried, please let me know. I will try to alleviate your concerns to ensure you have a great time.

Invisible Cirkus

See you all THIS SUNDAY! We are all so excited and without you, our meetup would not be complete. Charge those batteries and hit Dolores Park by 3pm where will meet and greet one another. Group photo and then stroll out in the mission unless people are enjoying the social and want to hang in the park. Very flexbile! Happy hour will follow at 811 Valencia at the Phoenix. its all up to you...enjoy the company and flickr good cheer!

How will you find the group in the park? Look for the silly girl with the flickr colored balloons..

for current up to the minute info, follow your host on Twitter

See you all in the park!


are newbies welcome? :-)


Thanks for organizing, what a great idea!

Invisible Cirkus


@13DaveL, my pleasure! see you sunday!


I'm in LA the upcoming weekend. BUT I'll get on the road around 7AM sunday so I'll be there in time. Hope the weather is as good as today!

See you on sunday!