151 W. 46th St.
New York City, New York 10036

WHAT: A monthly salon for 15 people who want to enjoy literate, Christian-friendly discussion and fellowship over Sunday brunch at one of New York City's best-loved Irish pubs

IS THIS A SINGLES EVENT? No. Singles events are no fun. This is fun.

WHAT KIND OF FUN? The kind that comes from meeting fellow intellectual-minded people of faith in the city. People who not only love the Bible, but are passionate about current events, the arts, and literature--and have strong opinions about them.

This month's kickoff question: Give an example of a couple whom you believe had or has an ideal marriage--or the closest thing to it. It has to be a real couple of the past or present, not fictional, and it has to be the proverbial 'one man/one woman.' Beyond that, anything goes.

IS THIS CHRISTIANS-ONLY? No. The operative word here is Christian-friendly.

If you go to nearly any other salon in the city, you'll find that, if people are discussing God at all, they're debating first principles. The Salonica is different in that we take off from an assumption of faith. But that also means we're not together for the purpose of evangelizing. The event offers a unique and fun opportunity to enjoy fellowship while exercising your mind--and filling yourself with pub fare.

HOW MUCH: No charge to attend, but you are expected to order something to eat or drink, as the pub's being kind enough to reserve us a large table.

RSVP: If you would like to attend, you must notify me no later than WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14, so I can give the pub a head count. Attendance is limited to 15. If you receive this notice late, please contact me anyway, as it's possible someone may drop out, plus I can make sure you'll be among the first notified of the next Salonica. Please RSVP to Dawn Eden at [email protected] . For Dawn's Web page, The Dawn Patrol, visit http://www.dawneden.com/blogger.html.

Added by dawneden on April 10, 2004