Douglas Way
Deptford, England SE8 4AG

The Newer Wave Has Landed...


starring THE ROCKS + BLAH BLAH BLAH + SEEING SCARLET + BLAH BLAH BLASE + DEXY + The DOLLY ROCKERS CLUB DJs & visuals by THE BLUE LIGHT DISTRICT with your host, JOHNNY REBEL @ The Albany Theatre, Douglas Way (Vega Fair), Deptford Fun City, Rocklands, London SE8
Surreal setting for a riotous party. Live Music & DJ Entertainment on a theatre stage from 9pm to 2am - entry is £5 (£3 before 10pm)

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The Blue Light District
Deptford TV
Dirty Sounds
Earwax Radio
Media For All

genre : rock/power pop/electro/punk

venue : The Albany Theatre, Douglas Way, Deptford, London SE8
Doors 8.30pm-2am / £5 entry (£3 before 10pm)
Info - 079 8320 6218

"How The Riotous Rocklands Scene Captured SE8" (Time Out, Jan 007). The Newer Wave land at Music Tourist Board's sci-fi party. Amazing venue, theatrical live performances, filming, St Patrick's night drinks promotions...

Live In Rocklands is the Pop Of The Tops vibe, previous events featured early gigs by My Passion, William, Johnny Panic, The Modern (Top 40 a year later), The Violets (supporting The Gossip this month) and more. Good bands are enjoyed, drinks are drunk and so are we!

band contacts/pix etc
079 8320 6218 / [email protected]
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"We could go to Deptford..."


“The Rocks.. quite simply, rock” NME. "Think The Clash being eaten by lions. Brilliant." (Rocksound). A return to South East London for The Rocks who played their seminal shows at The Paradise Bar (rip), helping to earn it the "CBGBs of SE14" tag. They appeared on Angular Records' compilation, then won acclaim with some storming singles, and what Music Week described as an "explosive debut album"; Asking For Trouble, which had critics foaming superlatives. They DELIVER live, ideal for a party! As one promoter noted "No other band at the moment has their sense of theatre, their musicianship and vomits it out in the general air of chaos they conjure around them... a gig by The Rocks is no mere gig, it's a show, it's an event, it's an experience."
“The Rocks - we love them. If there's a more entertaining band anywhere in the world I haven't seen them” ARTROCKER
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See! : The Rocks live At Koko
Darlings of the anti-scene circuit, Blah Blah Blah are quite possibly one of the hardest working bands on the circuit. Their instant skiffle punk tunes, sharply observed lyrics and audience captivating live show make them one of the UK's great cults already, and deserving greater attention. Coming soon, with the reputation they've earned, and word of mouth is that they are "the most fun you can have with your clothes on."
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Dandy power pop quartet from the dark side, that launched their Mental Notes (Part One) album, and therefore themselves, in December, then bring down Xfm text vote system with requests for the single 'Somethings Not Right'. They started this year tipped in Time Out Magazine, then a week later found themselves reviewed as a possible next thing in London Lite. It's early days yet, but a set full of potential hits is winning them the seeds of a fervent following. New singe 'Second Time' in March with Part Two of Mental Notes to follow in Spring.
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The king of The London Scene, Nathan Doom of Twisted Charm, and a bevvy of french electro punkers. Cool as as you like, check out these moves
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Word is out ! Media from Europe and USA want to know who is this honey voiced solo (twisted alt pop, glam rock anti folk?) phenomenom who, in his short career of less than a year has found himself on the same bill as Bob Dylan! Also with The Spinto Band who all requested copies of his CD. Dexy releases a debut single 'Waiting For an Accident' (ltd 7") on 19 Feb (split with Seymour Patrick (Miss Black America) then plays his first UK tour. He has managed to affect audiences with only a guitar and a voice, twinning instant melodies with lyrics that are both bitter and loving, broken and joyous.
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The Dolly Rockers Club is like the coolest night out with the hotest bands. The UK's own Studio 54 with a glam twist. Born in Rocklands (at Dirty South) you need to arrive early these days for their travelling circus. Laura Trouble and Eloise Define, bring a spectacular feast of sleazy, glamorous riot - Part dance party, part gig, The Dolly Rockers Club takes place once a month at different venues acros london, in a burst of glitz and glamour with a different theme every time and a new excuse to dress up in your very best fancy dress, drink too much and dance to the best rock n roll anyone has to offer.

Broadcasting from The Time Zone, this is the Newer Wave's station
Andy Pettman and Jamie Izzard present locally on FM, plus regular podcasts (recently Supergrass, Pop Levi, Dirty Pretty Things and more), interviews, sessions and the freshest from the alternative underground and anti-scene and

Cor. Only the biggest alternative/underground creative community in South East London. And you are all invited to join in. A network of bands, writers, photographers, film makers, band travel, studios, Kooba radio, promoters (including the fab 2bob posse of Foxfext fame - try saying that with no teeth!) , DJs, merchandise - Music Tourist Board stylee - you get the idea! and

13:53 Magazine launches in Rocklands on 13th Mar 007 - a collective of South East London based artists, designers, film makers, photographers.

JOHNNY BOY REBEL is a star of your local bar, last seen doing the intros at the Dirty South Bank Show when he remembers to return to the stage. Classy. Love him.

ROCKLANDS : "There's a congregation of creatives lighting up the darkness of south-east London, with musicians, filmmakers, comedians and artists coming together to conjure a modern-day Haight-Ashbury. More at
Come to Rocklands, Costa del Thames for a Saturday night out - a knees up with/for/by the Playing Class. Entertainment, Dancing, Booze and good company in Deptford Fun City, SE8. Look out for Rocklands 2 documentary by Digital Sneakers (Special Needs, Bloc Party, Johnny Razorlight etc included).

Shall we go to the moon?

"We could go to Deptford, Catford, Watford, Digbeth, Mansfield, anywhere, I feel..." (Pete Doherty)

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