1155 Folsom Street
San Francisco, California CA

Toterly Wastered, the makers of COMMERCIAL, would like to invite you to yet another innovative techno event:


THE RHYTHMIST (live P.A.) - Trax Cafe, Dobox Recordings
ANDRÉ LUCERO - the insignificant
CAMERON MARLOW - Scorchio, unlockedgroove

10PM to 2AM
21+ w/ID
$5 cover

Please join us in the celebration of techno as music with soul, funk and feeling. The drinks help too. We strive to consistently bring you quality electronic music through live performances and skillful DJ's with a true understanding of electronic music, like the following fine folks:

THE RHYTHMIST : Derek Scott (aka The Rhythmist) has been making electronic music since 1987. Inspired by groups like Art Of Noise, Kraftwerk, and Mantronix he started an all-synth band in high school with some friends. After graduating, the band broke up and Derek began exploring the beginings of his own sound. He has been influenced by many genres of synthesized music over the years such as early Electro and synthpop along with his Funk, Jazz and Disco upbringings. Listening to his music it is easy to tell that Jazz and Detroit Techno left a very strong impression on him. He sites hearing trax like Model 500's 'No UFOs' on college radio in 1985 and weekly acid house shows on a local station in '89 as helping lead him in that direction. His deep and shuffled grooves layered with abstract textures and funky, disjointed melodies have a tendency to get your body moving.

ANDRÉ LUCERO is not the first person to play techno in San Francisco. He wasn't even in San Francisco when he started playing techno. Inspired by Kraftwerk's "Pocket Calculator", as a child, André would disassemble calculators brought home by his father, then never put them back together, at least not correctly. He's actually much better at putting records together. He's done so with Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, Stacey Pullen, Kikoman, Sutekh, Mark Broom, Markus Nikolai, Dimbiman, Pantytec, Jesper Dahlback, Alexi Delano, John Selway and Christian Smith. He will be playing pre-recorded music by others, and possibly some of his own productions.

CAMERON MARLOW has been opening shows for over 80 years, in nearly as many countries. A pioneer in the field, he invented the "cross-crank," a technique that made other gramophone jockies drop to their knees. Despite spending a lot of time on boats between gigs, Marlow continued to push the limits of the medium; today, almost 75 years later, he still rocks the opening set for the likes of Fred Giannelli, Stewart Walker, and Oak and Fold. He also forms half of the duo Scorchio, part of the Boston collective, Unlockedgroove. He will be playing music.

www.doboxrecordings.com www.unlockedgroove.com www.wastered.com

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