Hopkins Street (corner of Peter Street), Soho, W1F 0HS
London, England

The technological and social changes happening within television (from YouTube to 18DoughtyStreet, Current TV to Joost) together with the increasing democratization of the medium are obvious. Likewise, the inherent conflicts for those running a television operation are equally clear; balancing being commercially viable, technologically up-to-date, creative, and maintaining audience interest and participation. Less clear is what to do about it all.

Bringing together some of the people who have looked these challenges in the eye. We will discuss how the latest technologies are already being harnessed (socially, politically and technically), how commercial, creative and operational demands have
been met and what possibilities we might expect in the future.

Speakers include:
Kathryn Corrick (chair)
Iain Dale, 18 Doughty Street
David Dunkley Gyimah, View Magazine
Andy Porter, Hi8us
Emily Renshaw Smith, Current TV

This is last event in the current InSync series.

This event is FREE but attendees must register by emailing: [email protected].

Official Website: http://www.01zero-one.co.uk/insync_events.htm

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