3248 22nd Street
San Francisco, California 94110

The Revolution Will Be Everything But Televized
Yes We Can Overthrow the Media.

This June 5th, The Mission Arts & Performance Project (MAPP) will be Google Mapped, Postered, Live DJ-Mixed, Scratched, Scribbled, Radio'ed. Youtubed, Flickr'ed, Twittered, GoogleBuzzed, Facebooked, and printed in a Good Ole Fashined Glossy Magazine by the Inner Mission Media Cartel, pan-linguistically.

MAPP is a fantastic street- and citizen-curated event held in Living Rooms, Garages, and all manner of spaces in The Mission. The Cartel will be documenting MAPP with our Mobile Geolocative Recording Devices and our bare hands. Our digital ethnographers will comb the nooks and crannies of the Mission, Live Broadcasting audio interviews, Tweets, Photography, Street Fashion, Google Map Coordinates, Foursquare checkins, and inventing new bits of android shinannegans before your very eyes.

Visit us now at www.innermissionmediacartel.com

On MAPP day, Saturday June 5th, we will open up our Newsroom to the Public at The Revolution Cafe, where we will decorate the walls and soundwaves with a live social guide. Follow us realtime at http://www.innermissionmediacartel.com, on Facebook/Twitter/Buzz/Foursquare, and via the http://innermissionmediacartel.com/rss.xml Podcast.

Then, on June 7th, The Cartel's MAPP Issue will be available on Magcloud.com and in your bare hands at The Revolution.

For more information or to participate, please e-mail The Inner Mission Media Cartel at [email protected].

This work of human art is anti-copyrighted under Creative Commons Anti-Commercial Licensing.

The Revolution can be found at
3248 22nd Street. At Bartlett. The juicy side street between Mission and Valencia.
Look hard for the rusty red star and you'll find us.

Official Website: http://innermissionmediacartel.com

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