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Web Applications and their related business models are inherently a more efficient way of creating and delivering software. With these models, start-ups can crash a $1B market and quickly take $100M of market share. Great, unless it was your $1B market, right?

All of us who are building products with an existing franchise, as well as those seeking to establish market power in this era have opportunities and risks. What will it take to remain competitive, and what do we need to focus on to become market and product leaders in this new world? Is it about building products differently, or coming up with a new advertising-supported product, or what?! Find out the answer as our speakers examine the real-world implications of the Internet Platform and what it means for big successful businesses.

Takeaways include:
* Do I need to change the business I'm already in?
* How will I grow in the web 2.0 model to have more market power?
* Should I take advantage of modularization?
* What technologies matter in this day and age?
* What should highly profitable businesses be doing today to prevent loss?

Rowan Trollope, Vice President, Consumer Engineering
Symantec Corp.

Rowan leads the development of Symantec's industry-leading solutions,leveraging more than 13 years of experience spanning engineering, business strategy, product development, and industry relations for the company's worldwide consumer products.

Nilofer Merchant, CEO
Rubicon Consulting

Nilofer and her team of principals and staff at Rubicon have launched nearly 100 products, created five developer platforms, designed 18 channel vendor programs, run numerous user influencer marketing initiatives and defined more than 30 new markets. Her clients include Adobe, Genesys, Handmark, Hitachi Data Systems, Logitech, and Symantec Corporation. Prior to founding Rubicon in 1999, Nilofer held leadership positions at Apple, Autodesk, and GoLive.

Members-$10; Students & Partners-$15; Non-Members-$30 ($5 more at the door).

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