283-288 High Holborn
London, England WC1V 7HP

Emma-Louise Rhodes
will examine the brief history of the Spiritualist movement and the growth of it as a mainstream faith in Britain. Phenomena inexorably linked with Spiritualism, such as materialisations, apports and the spirit trumpet will be discussed, along with the functions of the Spiritualist church. The industry behind the movement will also be examined, and the ‘need’ to believe in the unbelievable.

Emma-Louise is a researcher of psychic phenomena and the Spiritualist faith. Articles published this year have included ‘Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Psychics and the Media’, ‘The Psychic Industry: Supply and Demand’ and ‘Psychics on eBay’ (for the forthcoming addition of The Skeptic). She runs the sceptical website A Matter of Life and Death, which is a resource dedicated to examining and explaining the paranormal.

Official Website: http://skeptic.org.uk/pub

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