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Sometimes, there is a horror so great, a tragedy so severe, it causes time to stand still…………

The evil Wizard has reigned at The Realm Of Darkness for centuries. The progression of time still hasn't aged the flagstone castle. Now, Daemon grows stronger with every soul he claims. He is using all his power to lure time itself into the Realm’s vortex. Ghost Warriors from bygone eras, Pirate Lords, their ships and crew, Torture masters, a variety of creatures thought long extinct, Zombies, and horrible experiments gone wrong, have all been captured and forced to do the bidding of the demented Wizard. You may be next.
The Wizard is intolerant of any form of insurrection. Those responsible are dealt with quickly and severely, as are their superiors. The captured are finding out what the tortured villagers have known for generations. Obey, or your corpses will line the pathways that lead to his castle.

The “Judges of the Underworld”, sensing chaos at the hands of the Wizard, ask themselves questions that MUST be answered. How do you stop the “undead”? How can you stop evil, growing stronger with each soul that enters his domain?

The Judges, must turn to a force they have resisted calling on, until now. They summon the only species able to stop uncontrollable evil. The ages old, Stregoneria. Italian sorcerers and witches that at times have employed, “the Stregoni Benefici”, Italian vampires that are blessed by Catholic clergy and are mortal enemies of evil.
Now in the latter part of 2009, one of those, an immortal from the 13th century has come to “The Realm of Darkness”, to pursue the dark Wizard, and hopefully end his reign of terror.

Will you dare accept the challenge. YOU may become a “ghost warrior” and by defeating the Wizard win fantastic prizes. Be warned the inhabitants will try everything to keep you from the treasures that lie at the end of your journey. If you are lucky enough, and brave enough to finish The Realm Of Darkness.

Official Website: http://www.therealmofdarkness.com

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