Union Square
San Francisco, California

Prepare for ciphers, codes, buried treasure, evil adversaries, quirky gadgets, and unforgettable adventure. Race through the streets of San Francisco with Ravenchase Adventures, solving brilliant and entertaining riddles while competing against other teams on a search for fabulously tacky prizes.

Form teams with family and friends, or pair up with strangers as you follow an ancient treasure map and solve a slew of ingenious clues in order to win the race and find the gold.

Our staff personally greets each group at the start of the race, explains the rules of the game and gives each team a hand made treasure map, clues on parchment scrolls and a bag of cool gadgets (like black lights to see clues written in invisible ink). Teams can travel in any direction they like around the city. Actors are also planted along the course, to interact with and help (or perhaps misdirect?) the teams.

Whether you're an SF native or just want a great vacation, the Quest for The Gate's Gold is sure to provide you with the adventure of a lifetime. Spots are limited, so be sure to register online before it's too late!

$25 per player
Beginner, On-Foot Event
Specific location sent out in a clue before the event

Official Website: http://www.ravenchase.com

Added by RavenchaseCA on May 5, 2008