156 Eddy Street
San Francisco, California 94102

This one-woman-show takes an irreverent look at what stops people from pursuing their dreams. Dives inside the wild playground of the mind and ask the big questions: What's life all about? Why am I here? Where are you hiding the chocolate?

Take a journey with Alicia Dattner (http://www.aliciadattner.com) into the quirky world of standup comedians, hungry-funny monsters who live in the belly, Jewish grandmothers, and wacky gurus who all think they know the answers. This poignant and bittersweet comedy speaks to the heart of what matters.

"We were rolling on the floor laughing. It's raw, intimate, incredibly vulnerable, honest, and sexy." - Steve Blumenthal

"Alicia is one of the funniest, non-famous comedians I have ever seen. And I know comedy. When I was a kid, my dad owned a comedy club on the Laff Stop circuit. I can't wait to round up bunches of friends for her show ...join us!" - Bryan Neuberg

Official Website: http://www.sffringe.org/fringe08/08plays/punchline.html

Added by Alicia Dattner on August 10, 2008