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Course Description:
As the employees legal rights expand, they are becoming more sophisticated in ways to abuse the laws. Managers play a major role in taking the disciplinary actions against the work place misconduct by the employees. They spend 57% of their time putting out fires started by the problem. Several factors play a vital role in taking the corrective and preventive actions against the work place misconduct. The major goal of the preventive actions is to correct the misconduct done by employee and to modify his/her behavior rather than punishing them. This webinar will help you to deal with the complex employee relation issues in the work place such as FMLA abuse, and ADA implications of mental illness.

Course Objective:

There are various degrees of actions and behavior which comes under the term work place misconduct. It can be minor or major behavioral actions which is not acceptable by the law or policies of the company. Work place misconduct may include using a violent or vulgar language and bad attitudes, physically touching another employee, insubordination, intoxication, FMLA leave abuse, personality problems and theft and breaching confidentiality. Employers can prevent employee misconduct by setting up some rules for workplace and providing employees with the information about the minor misconduct and gross misconduct. Human resource employees play a vital role in maintaining a workplace balance by preventing and correcting potential leave abuse and other work place misconduct. They can teach the managers to deal with threatening, or mentally ill employees and can help them in taking difficult disciplinary or termination decisions. This work place misconduct seminar will help the attendees to deal with major and minor misconducts at work place and will explain legal and interpersonal strategies to deal with the worst employee relations nightmare. The webinar instructor will cover the following topics:
• Identify, prevent and remedy FMLA abuse
• How to respond to verbal threats and insubordination
• Strategies for dealing with an employee’s arrest
• Recognizing and responding to personality disorders in the work place
• How to terminate a potentially dangerous employee
• When and how to conduct a morale investigation
• Tackling psychiatric disabilities and substance abuse in the work place
• How to handle the workplace bully

Who will benefit:
This webinar will give valuable guidance to the following personnel to deal with the workplace misconduct:
• Small business owners
• HR professionals
• Team managers
• Risk managers
• Internal investigators

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