What is next for the gaming industry? A not-so-quiet revolution has taken place recently with Nintendo quickly capturing market share with the sales of its new gaming system. Sony and Microsoft released significantly faster, more capable machines at roughly the same time, but lacked Wii's ability to interact in a novel way with the user. Will this revolution in the way humans interact with computers and gaming systems continue? Or will the next revolution be more about the games themselves? Will the big revenue come from massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG), which have captured the attention of more than 15 million users globally? Or is the next big thing the combination of a social network and the dissemination of user generated games? Will we control future games with our minds? How can you measure the quality of a gaming experience? Come join VLAB on September 18th as we seek to unearth the answers to these questions and more.

Two key industry moderators will trade off shooting challenging questions at the speakers.

* Mike Zyda is the architect of the hit game America's Army, Director of USC GamePipe Lab, and will query our speakers on how their approaches will create more compelling gaming experiences.
* Tim Chang, Principal at Norwest Ventures, will poll our speakers on the changing economics of the gaming world.

Presenters from hot gaming start-ups include:
Nam Do, CEO of Emotive Systems
Jim Greer, CEO of Kongregate
Hans Lee, CEO of Emsense
Lars Buttler, CEO of Trion World Network


Official Website: http://www.vlab.org

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