2011 W North Ave
Chicago, Illinois

Since the glorious dawn of The Ponys' ascension to the top of the Chit-cago rock'n roll heap,
the world has been turned on it's ear and the fringes of pop culture have been poked and
prodded and have finally taken note. They've broken the "indie" rules and invaded the scene they
weren't usually welcome in, but everybody's won over, and everthing's better because of it. Their
spontaneously refreshing sound has kept onlookers on their toes, and the promise of some new
and explosive surprise at each show is just as exciting as it's ever been ~ Horizontal Action.
Playing second is Chicago's very own powerhouse, The M's and Miss Alex White to open

Added by southofnorth on May 6, 2005



question...is subterranean 21+? And, if so, do they card hard?


as far as i know, subterranean is strictly a 21+ establishment. the head bouncer there takes his job way too seriously, if that's any answer. that's the current problem with chicago, since the demise of fireside bowl as an all ages music venue, there's not very many places for kids to catch music. now, there's logan square auditorium and a new place way up in rogers park called heartland cafe. let's hope they fill the void.

ear infection

Heartland is by far, not new. Those hippies have been there since Moses was a kid. And the Metro still has the occasional all-ages show, as does (I think) Double Door, and I think the Riviera was all ages the night I went to Big Head Todd and the Monsters a year or so ago. Just have to check the ads for each show. I don't know of any all ages clubs that are regularly 18+ because, well, I don't need to. :)