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Seattle, Washington 98103

The date for the next Pitch event has been set for some time, and I have only myself to blame for my tardiness in making the announcement. But here it is: The Pitch will be happening again on Wednesday, March 18th 2009 at Lucid Jazz club in the U-district.

This Pitch is a special event. March 18th is also the date that the Seattle Post-Intelligencer may permanently close its doors (to those of you who want to nitpick, there might be an online edition that continues in its place).

So this time around, instead of jump starting the conversation with a simple statement, I'm in the process of rounding up area entrepreneurs and thought leaders who are experimenting in the space of news, and they (probably about 5 or 6 of them) will present their vision for the future of the news business, and how what they're doing fits into that field.

At the end of these short presentations, we'll discuss the validity of the business models and concepts floated (were some nonprofits? do you need to change the content or just the business model? can you charge users for online product?) and talk about which ones seem most promising.

And of course, there'll be the usual $200 bar tab, which many people will certainly feel necessary.

Added by Jasonp107 on February 6, 2009