1001 SE Morrison
Portland, Oregon


The Penny Jam is video podcast and film project with local Portland bands. This show will be showcasing their first 10 episodes as well as feature live music from:

The Magic Johnson
The Ascetic Junkies
Eric John Kaiser

More info from the Holocene website:
Fresh out of Portland comes a new idea in the national sensibility that spawned Flash Mobbing: a sense of the quirky, unconventional and downright unexpected as a revolution. In this case, it's the Penny Jam revolution. Here's the skinny: take the best Portland bands and have them play shows at local businesses and unconventional locales all over the city. Then, give them to the people via a weekly podcast. You've got Magic Johnson at Dollar Scholar and Dirty Mittens at Old Portland Hardware, just to name a few.

We're playing the first ten episodes, and then hosting a live showcase of Penny Jammers: Magic Johnson, the buzzworthy bilingual duo transplanted from LA, generating their sensualist, gritty punk rock; Ascetic Junkies, the contemplative indie folk/bluegrass outfit with a name (and attitude) taken from Jack Kerouac; and of course Eric John Kaiser, the songbird who moved all the way to Portland from his hometown of Paris just to make you swoon.

Official Website: http://www.holocene.org/calendar/

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