376 9th St
Brooklyn, New York 11215

THE OTHER HALF FESTIVAL: A two day festival of emerging female musician/composers. The event focuses on women who play, compose and improvise and who have been creating some of the most compelling sounds in a range of new music genres.

AUDREY CHEN - voice/cello/analog electronics. A multi-instrumentalist from Baltimore, Audrey emphasizes the voice, hearkening back to song, noise and melody. combustible. acrid. sweet. pitted full and potentially beautiful.........8:00pm

MATANA ROBERTS - alto saxophone. A Chicago born and bred sound artist, AACM member. She will be performing new works on alto saxophone. .........9:00pm

SHELLEY BURGON- harp and computer w/ Ryan Sawyer, Trevor Dunn and Shannon Fields. ........10:00pm

KAREN WALTUCH - viola. New chamber music by the violist de rigueur w/ Ben Holmes - trumpet, Briggan Krauss - saxophone and Philippa Thompson - voice.........11:00pm

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