Red Lion Square
London, England

The Origins of the Koran

Ibn Warraq
@ 11:00 AM

Warraq is perhaps the leading critic of
Islam in the world. He is the author of several
important books published by Prometheus Books:
Why I am Not a Muslim, The Origins of the Koran,
The Quest for the Historical Muhammad, and Defence of
the West.
Educated at the University of London, he is a Distinguished Fellow of the Center for Inquiry/Transnational.

Secular Alternatives to Religion
Paul Kurtz
@ 3:00PM

Kurtz is know in the US as the "Father of
Secular Humanism." He is the founder of the
Council for Secular Humanism, CSICOP and the
Center for Inquiry-- there are now 40 Centers and
Communities world-wide. Kurtz will discuss the
critique of religion and the paranormal, as
detailed in his book, The Transcendental
Temptation, After "The New Atheists," he asks,
can we develop positive alternatives to religion?
He has published several books on humanist
ethics, including Forbidden Fruit, The Courage
to Become (Greenwood) and Embracing the Power of
Humanism.(Rowman and Littlefield).
Kurtz is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the State
University of New York at Buffalo and editor in
chief of Free Inquiry.

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