1940 9th Street NW (GREEN LINE)
Washington, D.C., District of Columbia 20001

To mirror the identity of the times, The Opposite Sex express a shocking vision of dark beauty in a world to come. Formed in 2004 and inspired by the post-punk era’s harder acts, the band has gained a reputation for its swelling intensity, tribal rhythms, and bittersweet melodies. Their live performances are a charged exploration of theater & sound.

Obscure Sound

"With a sound deeply layered with pulsating guitars and a tight rhythm section led by an infectious bass tremolo, lead singer Shawn Helton sounds like a melodramatically electrifying combination of post-punk legends Mark Burgess and Ian McCulloch. Adding his own individualized touch of stylized vibrato to each song, Helton is a scorching presence whose voice appears both haunting and memorably durable. Like Burgess (The Chameleons UK), his tendency to alter his vocal pitch in adjustment to the instrumental key proves lucratively successful in crafting moments of post-punk eminence. The Opposite Sex's formation dates back to 2005 when they released a debut EP. Based out of Washington D.C., the success of their EP earned them reputable gigs at several festivals including Drop Drop Dead Festival 4, Winterfest '07, and Popnoise 3. Their debut album, Violent Heartstrings, was released this year and offers ten tracks that proves to be an imposing continuation of The Opposite Sex's dependable form of songwriting. While their style should remain familiar to anyone who has any recollection of '80s pop culture, there are very few modern bands that can actually pull it off like The Opposite Sex. Considering that I usually meet someone still stuck in the '80s at least once a week, it is not much of a surprise that The Opposite Sex is gaining such an ample fan base rather quickly."

show starts @ 9pm
$8 @ the door

Below is a September 2007 review by On Tap Magazine:

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/theoppositesex

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