225 Church St
San Francisco, California 94114

Every other week, the members of The Onion gather at one of our favorite watering holes to appreciate one of our favorite libations: beer. Join us this week for Onion-puchased beer at the Pilsner Inn. Society members new and old can take advantage of the sunny patio and plethora of games.

Up for debate will be the unveiling of the Society Emblem. Meeting #004 saw members vote on which seal would best represent the spirit of our fair organization. After tallying the votes, the Inner Circle Of The Society found that there was no overwhelming choice. Without a clear mandate the Inner Circle went back to the drawing board, taking into account all member suggestions and thoughts. The result is nothing short of splendor. Throw in your two cents on the matter while throwing down a couple of pints.

As always, The Onion's buying the beer so you can truly enjoy it.

To join the Society, e-mail [email protected] with "Beer" in the subject field and bring your drinking buddies.

Added by TwoSticks on August 24, 2005



Who would miss an Onion event at a gay bar? Not me!