28 Rupert St
London, England W1D 6DJ

Three reasons to celebrate, three parties, one night, countless opportunities for regret...

Please join One Life Left and help celebrate three beautifully interwoven events.

1. One Life Left records its Christmas special in front of a live audience. We need you to be that audience.

2. One Life Left launches its very first CD, as funded by readers of The Triforce blog.

3. The Triforce -- Ste, Simon and David -- celebrate the OLL affiliate blog's second Triversary with cake and presents.

ALSO: Live performances from OLL artists, including poetry and music. Gaming industry celebrities. Ste, Simon and Ann DJ. Quests. Competitions and prizes. After party late night shenanigans.

See you there!

Official Website: http://www.thetriforce.com/newblog/?p=1751

Added by LondonGames Fringe on November 19, 2008