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San Francisco, California 94110

The Oh La Lounge is simply for the joy of flirting.
It's Halloween at the Oh La Lounge—where costumes are admired but not required and the crowd is flirtatious, frisky, and fun! Dress as sexy or silly as you dare, and take to the dance floor, the lounge, or the patio to get your flirt on. Where else will you see a zombie and a vampire making eyes at one another at a tiki bar? Where else can you be a werewolf, howl at the moon, and meet a lovely ghoul or ghost to chat up for the night (or coffee next week)? DJ Justin Credible will be spinning a haunting mix to tempt you into our disco room, and the space will be as inviting and eclectic as ever. Come join us for a flirtatious and exciting masquerade, and get this Halloween started right.

Whether you are on the lookout for a new main squeeze, or you’re already in a relationship, whether you’re monogamous, polyamorous or LGTB, the Oh La Lounge is a zero pressure, zero expectation place to get your flirt on with like-minded folks. So if you’re looking for a fun way to spend Friday night, the Oh La Lounge is a unique alternative to noisy bars and drunken parties.

Our venue is colorful, eclectic and bohemian, with a lounge area for lazy flirting, a bar area for drinky flirting, a dance floor for groovy flirting and an outdoor patio for smoky flirting. Although we encourage all this flirtation, we do NOT allow any sexual activity. The Oh La Lounge is a strictly G-rated party.

We do not serve alcohol, but you are welcome to bring a beverage of your choice from the liquor store, which you can give to our bartender to take care of until you need it, and we won’t charge a corking fee. Because we aren’t stripping you of all your cash at the bar, at just $10 the Oh La Lounge ends up being one of the most economical ways to spend your Friday night in the city!

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