335 Powell St
San Francisco, California 94102

Boston's Oddfellow Studios is bringing their improvised psychedelic multimedia show to SF with three goa/trance DJs spinning tunes from 8pm to after midnight.

Mixed reality uses the resources of a game engine, projected on a 1000 person venue ball room screen to make an immersive light/graphics show.

The graphics with trip you out, and the tunes will spin you up -- but for those who want to geek out, there will be a chance to peek "behind the curtain" at the graphics production of on-the-fly improvisation from four computers producing graphical jazz using Second Life.


Cash bar.
All ticket proceeds benefit the nonprofit The Future United, which puts on the SLCC conference each year.

Official Website: http://oddfellowstudios.com

Added by shava on August 9, 2009



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