307 W. 26th St.
New York City, New York

Some of the funniest writers in New York are getting together to let you know about the nights of their lives - those nights that stand out a cut above the rest, that left behind stories so full of hilarity and wonder that they're worth sharing.

Hosted by David Martin

Starring Anthony Atamanuik, John Flynn, Chris Gethard, Curtis Gwinn, & Nick Kroll

The theme for Nights of Our Lives this month is "HOLIDAYS."

"The funniest night in New York." - Metro
"Seriously 'Nights of Our Lives' is the best 5 bucks you will ever spend!" - Jane Magazine's Virgin Blog
"Hosted by the fantastically funny David Martin." - Time Out New York
"The gut-splittingest show in town... this is one of the best and cheapest ($5!) shows in New York. Verily, it will be a night of YOUR LIFE. Zing." - 423Smith.com

Official Website: http://www.ucbtheatre.com/schedule/showdetails.php?showid=1001

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