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London, England

by Ethical Corporation

Hear about:

- The growing pressures faced by business : How far should you go in addressing social and environmental issues in the developing world?

- Practical issues : Is it really possible to eliminate poverty thr ou gh profit and make business work for the poor? Is it possible to apply business thinking to help solve big global challenges such as water and energy shortages, human rights abuses, the HIV/AIDS epidemic, rampant corruption and even terrorism?

- Project identification : Which projects are the best fit for your business and the community in which it operates ? and why?

- Innovation : How much can you learn from projects that are up and running ? and what should you avoid at all costs? What can you learn from the emerging business models capable of developing sustainable new markets for products and services?

Come and find out how all this is possible!

Hear from companies you can really learn from:

Shell foundation, Kurt Hoffman, Director

ABN AMRO Bank, Moumita Sen Sarma, Vice President, Head - Microfinance, India

Dr Christopher Kolade, Nigerian High Commissioner in the UK

ICICI Bank (UK), Sonjoy Chatterjee Managing, Director&CEO

Insight Investment, Rachel Crossley, Director, Investor Responsibility

Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe(REC), Stephen Stec, Head of Environmental Law Programme and Senior Legal Specialist

Allianz , Dr. Astrid Zwickel, Sustainable Development Director

Syngenta Sustainable Agriculture Initiative, Andrew Bennett, Executive Director

IFC , William Bulmer, Associate Director, Environment and Social Development Department

USAID/Jamaica, Nancy Wildfeir-Field, Global Development Advisor

Fair Labor Association, Auret van Heerden, President and CEO

Electricite de France (EDF), Vincent Denby-Wilkes, Access Programme Founding Director

CARE International - France, François Jung-Rozenfarb, Responsable du développement et des partenariats

Alliance Water and Sanitation for the Urban poor (WSUP), Richard Sandbrook ,Chairman

Anglo American, Edward Bickham, Executive Vice President, External Affairs

British Council, Mike Hardy, Director Indonesia

World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), Cécile Churet, Sustainable Livelihoods Project Officer

Seema Ghani, former Deputy Minister of Finance in Afghanistan

Vodafone, Joaquim Croca, Corporate Responsibility Executive

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) , Kathryn Gordon, Senior Economist, Investment Division

International Alert, Corene Crossin, Senior Programme OfficerPeacebuilding Issues Programme

IBLF , Lucy Amis, Business & Human Rights Programme Manager

IFC, Dan Siddy, Environmental Specialist

UNDP, Arun Kashyap, Advisor Climate Change and Clean Development Mechanism

The International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) & The Partnering Initiative, Ros Tennyson

Landmine Disability Support (LMDS), John Lowrie, Country Representative and Programme Director,

The Afghanistan NGO Security Office (ANSO), Ian Saunders, Formerly Afghanistan Central Region Security Specialist

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