The Mall
London, England

"The generation of activists and thinkers who made up the New Left have recently spread out in very different intellectual directions; some of them joined forces with the New Labour project, while others supported intervention in Iraq. Was the war in Iraq, and before that NATO's interventions in the Balkans, a continuation of the universalist and democratic spirit of 1968, or an abandonment of its principles? Where can those principles find a home in a very different political landscape?

Speakers: Martin Kettle, writer and former chief political leader writer for The Guardian; Hilary Wainwright, Editor of Red Pepper and author of Arguments for a New Left; Nick Cohen, columnist on The Observer and author of What's Left?; and Mick Hume, columnist on The Times and editor of Spiked Online.

This talk is produced in association with Verso Books, as part of the Verso Radical Thinkers series of talks."

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