1154 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90026

"Boy stands behind his laptop, hooded with glittery eyes peeking out from behind a scraggly beard. Girl jumps on the spot in a big baggy t-shirt, whip and wire thin and strikingly pretty, hitting keys and shouting through heavy distortion and the raging, nasty bitcore and pounding drums of the backing track. Between them, they create a pulsating, violent racket, structured enough to be a malevolent kind of pop, but fucked up enough to sound densely punky and sandpaper rough. Their 4-track 7" EP, released on Merok, gets this fierce energy down on record perfectly." - Drowned In Sound

Official Website: http://clubspaceland.com/echo/images/flyers/checkyocrystal.jpg

Added by NickNumberOne on May 7, 2007