401 7th Ave. & 33rd St.
New York City, New York

Appearing to Draw and Sign autographs at

The National

Over 55 Artists and Creators....

Alex Saviuk
Andy MacDonald
Billy Tucci
Bob Smith (Sat. & Sun.)
Brian Kong
Bryan Talbot
Carmine Infantino
Chris Claremont
Chris Moreno
Comic Artist Guild
Dame Darcy
Danny Fingeroth
David Lloyd
Dick Ayers (Sat.)
Evan Dorkin
Friends of Lulu
Guy Dorian
Ian Dorian
Irwin Hasen
Ivan Brandon
Janet Jackson
Jim Calafiore
Jim Shooter
Joe Giella (Sat.)
John Romita Sr
Jon Cooke "Comic Book Artist" Magazine
Ken Gale
Khoi Pham
Larry Hama
Mark Evanier (tent.)
Mark Romanowski
Mark Texiera
Mark Voger
Mercy Van Vlack
Michael Golden
Mike Lilly
Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art
Neal Adams
Paulo Rivera
Professor Bill Foster
Rich Buckler
Rob Granito
Rodney Ramos
Roy Thomas
Rudy Nebres
Russ Heath
Sarah Dyer
Scott Roberts
Sean Chen
Stan Goldberg
Tim Vigil
Tommy Castillo
Walter Simonson (Sat.)

Official Website: http://www.bigapplecon.com/index.htm

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Daisy OMalley

I can't go, and I wanted to volunteer, after several calls and emails to Big Apple no one contacted me back.