1401 N Shoreline Blvd.
Mountain View, California 94043

It’s coming and you won’t want to miss it!

the Muther! of all Hackathons

We’re throwing a massive 24-hour+ hackathon for multiple platforms, tools, APIs and devices. The real world doesn’t focus on a single technology or solution, so neither will the Muther!

We want to develop 100 apps in 24 hours, and even get some into a few app stores!

Are you up for it? Then sign up now!

You'll want to bring: laptop, well-rested brain and body, SDKs or APIs you may want to use downloaded and installed to your machine, test device, memory stick

Why should you attend?

- You'll learn something
- You'll make something.
- You'll connect with people in your field.
- Prizes, prizes, prizes.
- Glory, glory, glory.
- There will be beer.
- Innovation trumps sleep. Always.
- Get access to new APIs before anyone else does.
- Where else can you spend 24 hours and walk away with an app ready for the world?

Added by Benjamin Jacobsen on May 13, 2011