2170 Market Street
San Francisco, California 94114


Before choosing their alias, singer/songwriter Will Sprott and the six massively talented multi-instrumentalists that make up San Jose's alt folk collective the Mumlers did what any young and ambitious creative souls would; they consulted a Ouija Board. When the letters seemingly spelled out the surname of William Mumler, a 19th century photographer who himself claimed to capture spirits on film, the band superstitiously obliged their newly minted namesake from the great beyond.

With this auspicious moniker, the Mumlers set out with a soulful and swaggering ruckus in 2005. In the years since, they have released 2 well received albums, most notably last years Don't Throw Me Away (Galaxia), and toured the country with the likes of the Black Heart Procession, sharing their danceable Americana with an ever growing fan base. Sporting every kind of instrument under the sun, most often culled from local school giveaways, the tight knit group of friends and collaborators regularly move about on record as well as on stage, not just switching roles and noise makers, but often transforming their live sets into rollicking soirees.

Led by Sprott's Southern tinged and hard worn crooning, the band pound out an eclectic sound, one that could have opened for Bob Dylan circa 1975 as easily as today. Proving you don't need bleeps and laptops to get hips shaking, this organically talented group bring about charming flourishes to their upbeat country styled celebrations. They are also adept at the mellow musings of reflective folk standards, and embrace every shade of their genre spanning ebullience.

Official Website: http://www.noisepop.com/2010/schedule.php

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