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An insiders report on the history and future of the web browser, the industry, web standards, and Microsoft's impact for good or evil. The security
arms-race. The browsers you _haven't_ heard about. How Firefox, Mozilla, and Netscape relate to each
other, both in code and in business. The motivation and purpose behind mozilla.org,
The Mozilla Foundation, and (newly announced) Mozilla Corporation. The health of the
Firefox development effort, and expectations for the future. And how, exactly, the nonprofit
Mozilla Foundation manages to pay for all this. Scott will answer any and all questions with his usual candor.

About Scott Collins:

Scott Collins is an engineer, public speaker, technical evangelist, and one of the voices
of the Open Source community. As a key participant and contributor to the Mozilla project since its inception, he first came into the public spotlight in PBS' documentary "Code Rush", chronicling Netscape's push to Open Source its pioneering
browser. Collins' technical depth and breadth, coupled with his skill at clearly communicating
even the most challenging concepts, have made him a popular speaker around the globe on topics from the technical to the historical, social, and
political ... often all in the same speech, illuminating the connections between. changing the computing environments of today. We will conclude with a brief technical overview of a new leading edge storage technology from Compellent Technologies and discuss how this solution addresses the challenges listed above.

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