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This is a time of change! The mortgage industry has been going through turmoil. The real estate market has seen major changes since the boom days where instant appreciation of 20% - 50% was the norm. While we all enjoyed the good old times, reality is settling in.

The question is: Are You Ready For the Change?

- Are you ready to challenge some of the assumptions we have always had about money?
- Are you ready for some unconventional advice?
- Are you ready to stretch your comfort level in order to achieve financial freedom?

If you answered Yes any one of these questions, take action now!

Invest one hour of your time with us to learn how mortgage planning can create a positive impact on your life. This could be the most counter intuitive lesson you’ll ever learn.

RSVP on www.scentofchange.com before November 5th.

Start Mortgage Planning Today So You Can Enjoy The Good Life!

Official Website: http://www.scentofchange.com

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