53 NW 1st Ave.
Portland, Oregon

Now in its seventh iteration, Ignite Portland has become a regular institution for showcasing the city's creativity, passion, and craziness. This inspirational evening of community presentations and conversation always leaves our fevered brains buzzing with new ideas. But once it's over, how are you taking that excitement and carrying it into other areas of your life?

We want to keep that conversation going. Is Ignite just an evening of free entertainment, or does it mean something more to you? What does it mean to the community at large? What connections have you made at Ignite that have made a difference in your life or business?

Let's gather for lunch and talk about your Ignite 7 experience.

When: Friday, November 20th from 11:30 – 1:30pm
Where: Sandwich Czar located at 53 NW 1st

Official Website: http://thenewcommunicators.com/2009/11/17/the-morning-after-did-ignite-7-set-your-brain-on-fire/

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