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Do you think NASA faked the Apollo Moon landings? Do you wonder if there are aliens on Mars, building giant structures? Or that they may even be here, on Earth, abducting people and performing bizarre experiments? Phil Plait will look at the world of conspiracies, scare stories and myths surrounding astronomy.

Dr Phil Plait is an internationally renowned astronomer, author, and lecturer. His numerous appearances on radio, television, podcasts, and live in front of audiences have made him a celebrity in science circles, and put him in demand as an expert on astronomical matters. He has been interviewed on literally hundreds of national and local radio and TV stations about astronomical topics ranging from lunar eclipses to the fate of the Universe. His stock-in-trade is dealing with myths, misconceptions and plain old mistakes people make about astronomy. His website, Bad Astronomy, is a virtual encyclopaedia of astronomical errors, and his blog is one of the most popular science blogs on the web, with thousands of fans eagerly reading it every day. His writing has appeared in dozens of magazines, and his first book, Bad Astronomy, was a trade science hit.

Official Website: http://www.skeptic.org.uk/pub

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