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Will the real Asian Americans please stand up? From rocket scientists to take-out deliverymen, dirty restrooms to blacktop battlegrounds, protests to radio PSAs, this short film program illustrates the un-televised stories of Asian Americans as they attempt to earn their place in America. Followed by Q&A.


also on Monday 7/17 @Quad Cinema
3:30 PM
13th St.; Between 5th & 6th Ave. (212)255-8800
Adult: $10.00
Child: $8.00
Senior: $8.00


USA | 2005 | 5mins

What's that on the radio? An incident of radio racism leads to a mobilization of Asian American social consciousness. Pretty soon, the APA voice floods the airwaves with a message of unification.

Rising Up: The Alms

DIRECTOR: Konrad Aderer
USA | 2005 | 11mins

Why intern someone when you can deport them? In this revealing documentary, we follow the Alam family as they, along with their community, struggle against "voluntary registration" and its severe aftereffects.

Agent Yellow: Not A Chinaman's Chance

DIRECTOR: Christine Choy
USA | 2006 | 28mins

Before Wen Ho Lee, there was Tsien Hsue Shen, a brilliant rocket scientist who made great contributions to the American missile program. Unfortunately for Shen, he was also Chinese. This doc takes a look at xenophobia in the McCarthy Era and how it's happening again...and again.

Port Authority Incident

DIRECTOR: Evelyn Lee
USA | 2005 | 3mins

How can one be bad at being racist? In this lyrical animation, a Korean American girl educates a snarling old woman about the finer differences of racist terminology in a dirty Port Authority bathroom.


DIRECTORS/PRODUCERS: Paras Chaudhari, Chrysoralantis Stamelos
USA | 2006 | 4mins

On a basketball court in Astoria, Queens, two rival crews meet for an ultimate showdown. Without the tights and ballet fighting, these Sharks and Jets settle the score in a rather surprising fashion.

Rushing River

USA | 2005 | 14mins

Flat tires, hard rain and bad directions can't stop Ho Gong (or "Rushing River" in Chinese) as he makes deliveries for a Chinese restaurant. This short film offers a poignant look at one man's will to keep on pedaling despite his unfulfilled dreams.

The Mushroom Club

USA | 2005 | 34mins

Steven Okazaki's 2005 Academy-nominated film examines the city of Hiroshima sixty years after the dropping of the first atomic weapon. Stories from the dwindling community of survivors paint an appalling picture of the devastation that the rest of the world seems to have forgotten.

Official Website: http://redredblue.com/films/program_detail.php?i=6

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