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By the year 2010, Millennials, born between 1980 and 2000, will outnumber both Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers and will be the most significant consumer sector for the media & entertainment industries.

Not only will they be big; they will be fragmented and difficult to reach. The increasing number of media channels - instant messaging, email, social networks, chat rooms, iPods, mobile phones, MP3 Players, P2P networks, handheld devices, digital video recorders, video games, game consoles and next generation communities and devices - through which this generation communicates and consumes media & entertainment, makes them a highly elusive target for businesses hoping to market to them.

The Millennials Conference focuses on programming and marketing to this unique generation - one fully embracing a pervasively digital world. Participants will learn what makes this generation tick, and how to deliver the right message to today's teens. How do you design a product or service that will enhance and empower their lifestyles as well as allow self-expression? How do you monetize new viral economies like MySpace, Second Life and YouTube? What new business models are emerging for consumer-generated media?

VENUE: UCLA's Grand Horizon Room at Covel Commons, Los Angeles, CA
COST: $299-$499

Official Website: http://www.millennialsconference.com/

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