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"A tidy evening of tomfoolery" raves Dennis Brown of The Riverfront Times!


"A delightful comedy" proclaims Richard Green of KDHX radio!


Come see what the critics of St. Louis theater are buzzing about!

The "John Cleese-like" Dr. Samways brings his British touch to St. Louis with his witty, world premiere play that skewers theatrical traditions, especially the role of women in theatre, through the complex relationship of King Charles II and Eleanor "Nell" Gwyn.

The Merry Garden of a Royal Oak
(A lamentable farce concerning rakes, hoes and seasonal fruits)
by Damien S. K. Samways

One afternoon in late 1667 the famous actress Nell Gwyn attended a play with a suitor only to find herself seated next to England's most infamous bounder, King Charles II. Against all probability, these two souls born on opposite ends of the social hierarchy, hit it off immediately and lastingly. This is the completely true story of that afternoon* as dictated by the late John Dryden to the author during a vision quest induced by the consumption of fifteen pints of Pabst Blue Ribbon (Milwaukee's finest).

This is the quintessential version of events, and any other artistic endeavour seeking to capitalise on Ms. Eleanor Gwyn's life should be regarded with keen skepticism. In short, sir, accept no imitations. This is the real, unadulterated, unbiased account right here.

*With minor embellishments for dramatic effect, and the insertion of certain unavoidable anachronisms vital to the story's telling.

WHAT: The Tin Ceiling Theater Company presents "The Merry Garden of a Royal Oak (a lamentable farce concerning rakes, hoes, and seasonal fruits)"

WHO: written by Damien Samways, directed by John Strasser

WHEN: Sept. 28, 29, 31, and Oct. 6, 7, 8. There will be no show on Sept. 30. All shows start at 8pm.

WHERE: The Tin Ceiling Theater, located at 3159 Cherokee St. in South St. Louis (corner of Cherokee and Compton)

PRICE: Just $8

For more information, please visit out website or email [email protected].

Official Website: http://tinceiling.org

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