5433 Ballard Ave Nw
Seattle, Washington 98107

A benefit concert carnival!
Friday, 06/23/2006 07:00 PM - The Sunset Tavern - $10

Rikki Pajamas will host this awesome Carnival...

New Fangs
The Vomiting Unicorns
Rotten Apples
T.v. Coahran
DJ Greasy


I like bicycles, I like cars, but they don't always mix well. I like universal health insurance and I like peace, but in this country, our elected leaders can't seem to get it together for either to happen...

We have to step it up when accidents happen; friends help friends. My buddy Jojo was hit by a car while riding her bike, she is uninsured and sad but true, she was at fault. You may have seen her flying over the hood of a truck and breaking all of her leg bones, wheel chairing around Ballard or crutching it at the local coffee shop. She is awesome and deserves a hand. We are having a party to celebrate social insurance and raise money to help her pay medical and living expenses, so come out and have an awesome time for you and for her. Do it for Jojo, she'd do it for you.

Live music featuring New Fangs, The Vomiting Unicorns, Rotten Apples, TV Coahran, DJ Greasy, and your host Rikki Pajamas!; CARNIVAL! With Kissing Booth, Balloon Artist, Fortune Teller, Raffle, Games, Rides, Tricks and the kick-off of BALLARD MUSTACHE REBELLION 2006! - $10

Official Website: http://www.thesunsettavern.com

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