444 Jessie St.
San Francisco, California

From the LoveMakers
Immortalised by the 2002 SF Guardian?s top 10 sexiest people list, Oakland trio The Lovemakers take their own brand of biting electro-pop dance songs and accentuate them with a lusty aesthetic. Sometimes sensual, sometimes aggressive, their airtight sound is bathed in the melodic phrases and atmospheres of their 80s synth-pop influences such as Duran Duran and New Order, as well as modern pioneers Bjork, and The Flaming Lips. A Lovemakers show is described by one colleague "like a pink Ferrari driving through mountains of coke

About Dealership
Alternative Press
Rob Harvilla

"Indie rockers - so cute. Dealership's boys-vs.-girls vocal caterwauling and boppy power-pop cartwheels would make an excellent soundtrack to Malcolm in The Middle: The College Years. Sure, this San Francisco trio occasionally lapse into that particular brand of hoity-toity-ness - singing in French, busin' out the do-do-do-do vocal breakdowns - that makes you want to cut the brakes on Stereolab's tour bus. But "Faded Crushes" ends TV Highway to the Stars on a high note - a high-powered rocker that turns "You'll never know if I kiss on the first date" into the ultimate insult. You're not the boss of them, now."

And a Press Release about Heavenly States
The Heavenly States' first record, a self-titled North American release featuring guitar, keyboards, violin, drums and bass is quickly establishing itself as a sleeper hit of 2003 with monstrous potential. The rock quartet from Oakland, CA that seems to have sprung from nowhere is the second project of Ted Nesseth. His first
band named Fluke Starbucker in honor of the cult hit film Hardware
Wars released two indie rock records before burning up somewhere
between Minneapolis and Oakland in 1999. The generation 2002
version of the band released a farewell EP entitled Elephants from
Ants on Berkeley indie Isota Records before changing the band's name
to The Heavenly States at the behest of producer Jeff Saltzman and
Isota friends Joe Finlaw and Mike Saltzman.

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