361 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11211

The Locust

The Locust’s beauty has always come in finesse and intricacy. Thirty seconds of pitiless hurricane squall. Epic, labyrinthine guitar licks deconstructed, flipped ass-backwards, and compressed into two-second-long baby snake squiggles. Dainty ticka-ticka-tickas of hummingbird cymbal taps, followed by 80 hammer smacks squeezed into a heartbeat. But just as America has changed since The Locust hatched back in ‘95, so it goes with their sound.

Text LOC5 to 467467 to get tix via text or click http://knittingfactory.com/show.php?event_id=106645 for more show and ticketweb info!

Official Website: http://knittingfactory.com/show.php?event_id=106645

Added by Knitting Factory Brooklyn on October 12, 2007