1102 W. Webster
Chicago, Illinois 60614


1. Hot Beef Injection – Cherry tomato injected with warm beef jus on liver toast paired with Three Floyds Pride and Joy

2. Steak and Eggs – Coriander Beef Carpaccio on pumpernickel with egg vinaigrette paired with Three Floyds Gumball Head

3. Balls and Shaft – Short Rib Stromboli with Queso Iberico Balls paired with Founders Red’s Rye

4. Mad Cow Soopreze – Wasabi crusted strip loin with purple potato foam peppercorn pop rocks paired with Ska True Blonde Dubble

5. Big Mc – One all beef patty (beef tartar), special sauce ( garlic mayo), lettuce (arugula), cheese (blue cheese foam), pickles (grilled cucumbers), onions (chives & red onions in tartar) on a sesame seed bun (toasted sesame seeds/beef fried toast) paired with Ska Ten Pin Porter

6. Tongue and Cheek – Tongue cookie with beef cheek toffee and butterscotch paired with Southern Tier Crème Brulée Stout

For reservations, call 773-348-2008.

Added by Bleu Caldwell on August 10, 2008